About Asayteks

Asay Tekstil is a Turkey-based manufacturer of high-quality textiles with a focus on flexible solutions in order to effectively respond to rapidly changing trends. This ensures Asay Tekstil is able to quickly produce items in high numbers without compromising on quality. We have been producing quality garments for over fourteen years. Our success is based on our ability to respond to new market trends and identify and fulfill our client’s requirements.

Asay Tekstil understands that good service and communication is essential when meeting customer orders. A dedicated team is continuously available to provide you with detailed information throughout the entire production process. A highly competitive and mature market means increased pressure for brands to get their latest designs into stores quickly.

Our modern facilities provide total control over the production process and enables Asay Tekstil to meet the tightest of deadlines.

Our products

We specialize in developing and manufacturing of women’s shirts and t-shirts, tops and dresses out of viscose, cotton, silk, linen, wool, polyamide, modal, tencel, lycra and their mixtures (knit fabrics). We are very experienced with mixed composition and elastane fabrics. Our fabrics and chemicals are sourced from suppliers all over the world. We continuously monitor the latest trends and put a lot of effort in keeping our customers up to date and well informed.

Our production

As our production process is vertically integrated and highly flexible, we are able to quickly integrate innovations in stitching methods and print & embroidery techniques. As such we are able to quickly adapt to new trends and produce high quality, fashionable garments in short periods of time.

Prototyping and samples

With an entire department dedicated to providing fast and effective prototypes, sales samples and seal samples we are able to quickly provide our customers with accurate examples. As our prototyping and samples department is equipped with the same facilities we use for production we are able to produce samples that meet exact product specifications of our finished products.

Grading and pattern equipment set-up: Optitex System

Quality Department Testing Possibilities: In-house facilities or ITS, STR, SGS etc. All common tests are applicable to our products

Origin of Material: local and world wide

Origin of Accessories: local and world wide

Country of production: Turkey

Quality and Delivery Control : All goods are 100% controlled before delivery

Total monthly production capacity: 100.000 PCS

Lead-time: 3 to 8 weeks


Asay Tekstil understands the need for decisive action and quick response. Our production facility has all the necessary requirements to fabricate a wide range of products. This ensures we are able to produce and deliver quality garments in record time.


A fast array of machinery enables us to quickly produce high volume. Our in house production facility gives us a great advantage as we are able to respond directly to our customer’s needs.


Equipped with several automatic open width tube-cutting machines, we are able to fabricate over 4,000 pieces per day for basic styles and over 2,000 pieces for more complicated garments. All pieces get stickered and, if necessary, classified after the cutting process.


Our printing facilities are equipped with several the X1 and X2 MHM fully automatic t-shirt and panel machines enabling us to produce a total of 1,500 prints per day.

Embroidery, Stones, Beads, Sequences…

We are able to produce 2,000 pieces special artworks like embroidery, stones, beads and sequences on a daily basis. All designs are digitized allowing fast and effective turnaround of samples and disk alterations. Multiple press and laser machines complete our embroidery services.


Equipped with 75 machines, we are capable of producing over 5,000 garments a day. A dedicated and highly experienced team ensures that all garments are produced against the required specifications.

Garment washes and dye  

A completely new print house and “garment wash” offer garment over dye products and garment washes such as enzyme, acid, stone, oil and burnout wash. These are all produced in house and not sub-contracted providing our customers with a substantial time advantage. We can produce normal wash, hard wash, stone wash and carbon wash effects. We only use imported inks from the Germany and offer reactive, pigment or dip dye services. All film and screen separation is done in house.

Quality control

Our finishing area consist of ten control tables dedicated to inspecting every single garment produced before passing through to the finishing area. Here, a production line of ironing stations stands ready to press and inspect all passing garments before moving on to the packing area.

Packaging and transport

All our products are packaged according to the customer’s specifications and readied for transport. If required, products are polybaged to specification and fitted with barcodes. Our integrated production enables us to deliver our products in the fastest possible time.